Author: Stephanie Figon, MS, RDN, LD

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Do Your Patients Need More Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 (also known as cobalamin) is commonly found in animal-derived foods. While previous research suggested that the majority of the population consumes adequate levels of vitamin B12, recent studies suggest that many people do not absorb enough vitamin B12 to meet the recommended dietary intake and likely have marginal levels.1-3 Although the clinical implications of this are not completely clear, increased intake of B12-rich foods, or supplementation, may be warranted for certain individuals.

Source: Do Your Patients Need More Vitamin B12?

State Telehealth Laws

The Center for Connected Health Policy’s (CCHP) Spring 2019 release of its report on “State Telehealth Laws and Reimbursement Policies” offers policymakers, health advocates, and other interested health care professionals a summary guide of telehealth-related policies, laws, and regulations for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. States continue to pursue their own unique set of telehealth policies as more and more legislation is introduced each year.


Curcumin: the Indian solid gold.

Turmeric, derived from the plant Curcuma longa, is a gold-colored spice commonly used in the Indian subcontinent, not only for health care but also for the preservation of food and as a yellow dye for textiles. Curcumin, which gives the yellow color to turmeric, was first isolated almost two centuries ago, and its structure as diferuloylmethane was determined in 1910. Since the time of Ayurveda (1900 Bc) numerous therapeutic activities have been assigned to turmeric for a wide variety of diseases and conditions, including those of the skin, pulmonary, and gastrointestinal systems, aches, pains, wounds, sprains, and liver disorders.

Source: Curcumin: the Indian solid gold.