HyperKalemia Insights
This site provides a great deal of detail surrounding hyperkalemia and Read more
Diabetes Standards of Care
Access the 2016 Standards of Medical Care in Read more
Depression in Diabetes
Treating Depression in Diabetes (2008) This presentation portrays the results of a study by Paul Ciechanowski, MD, MPH about the effects of depression on diabetes management, ways doctors can identify depression in their patients, and strategies to help the patient. Ch. 1 – “Recognizing the symptoms of depression” Ch. 2 – “The role of depression... Read more Read more
Motivational Interviewing
Introduction to Motivational Interviewing: Simple Strategies for Promoting Positive Behavior Change in Diabetes (2009) Dr. Polonsky presents effective strategies for working with patients who are struggling to follow recommendations and meet goals for their diabetes management. Part 1 – Introduction to Motivational Interviewing Part 2 – Environmental Barriers Part 3 – Directing Part 4 –... Read more Read more
Diabetes CE From Present Diabetes
These lectures can be taken for CDR credit. Diabetes & Glucose Management; BGM and Meal Planning $15.00 Diabetes & Glucose Management; Insulin Therapy $15.00 Diabetes & Glucose Management; Insulin Therapy $15.00 Diabetes & Glucose Management; Insulin Therapy $15.00 Diabetes & Glucose Management; Physical Activity $15.00 Diabetes & Glucose Management; Physical Activity $15.00 Diabetes and Cancer – What’s the Read more
Tresiba (degludec) Insulin
 Tresiba is a new insulin with a 42 hour duration of action and 25 hour half-life.  It is dosed once daily. Novo Nordisk provides these videos showing how Tresiba Read more
 Novo Nordisk provides this video regarding Victoza Read more
Lose It!
The Lose It! App provides a desktop program and smartphone app that are very popular.  Here is the direct Login Read more
Monash University FODMAPS App
This  video is about Monash University’s development of the FODMAP diet and their App, which is the most up to date resource on the changing and often conflicting food data regarding the FODMAPS content of various foods.     Read more
Nestle has put together a FODMAPS website with this useful IBS Read more