Biggest Losers Give Us a Lesson on Metabolic Adaptation
If we are reading this study right, it means that some of our estimates of calorie needs could be off by hundreds of calories for patients who have had a past history of “successful” dieting.   A study of “The Biggest Loser” participants showed metabolic adaptation was −499 ± 207 calories per day even 6 years after the competition!... Read more Read more
Mifflin-St.Jeor Calorie Calculator
Calculator.Net offers this calorie calculator based on the Mifflin-St.Jeor energy prediction equation. Although this equation is the most appropriate and most accurate for healthy individuals seeking weight loss, metabolic adaptation is significant patients with a  history of weight loss.  A study of “The Biggest Loser” participants showed metabolic adaptation of −499 ± 207 calories per day after 6 Read more
BMI Calculator
 Click here for the Read more
Clinical Guidelines on Diabetes from Joslin
  Joslin Diabetes Center offers the following guidelines for diabetes populations.   Clinical Guidelines for Adults (rev.10/2014) Pharmacological Guidelines (Rev. 09/2014) Inpatient Management of Surgical Patients with Diabetes (Rev. 12/3/15) Guideline for Specialty Consultation/Referral (rev. 8/6/13) Guidelines for Diabetes in Pregnancy (Rev. 6/15/11) Guidelines for Management of uncontrolled Glucose in the Hospitalized Patient  (Rev. 5/20/2013) Clinical... Read more Read more
Videos on Very Basic Concepts in Diabetes
    This series of short videos offered by Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University may serve as a very basic introduction to the key concepts in diabetes. Videos include: What is Diabetes? An introduction to diabetes and its causes. 5 minutes. The Ups & Downs of Blood Sugar.  What causes blood sugar to go up... Read more Read more
Amgen Video
This video covers the feedback loop that governs the normal production of RBCs and how this feedback loop is disrupted through defective erythropoietin production in patients with Read more
How Infection and Inflammation Relate to Anemia in Dialysis Patients
This excellent video discusses how infections and inflammatory  processes may contribute to reductions of RBC levels by both reducing erythropoietin production from the kidneys and promoting iron sequestration in the liver and Read more
Foods That Fight Cancer
Apples, broccoli, cherries, tea…The American Institute of Cancer Research has put together detailed information on research into Foods that Fight Cancer. Just so happen to be pretty Read more
MySugr Diabetes App
The MySugr App is designed for diabetes tracking where the object is to tame the diabetes monster for the day.  It gives you a place to enter your blood sugar, insulin, and take a photo of your meal.  Some neat features you might Read more
American Association of Diabetes Educators
The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) is organized to support diabetes education through offering accreditation, continuing education, and resources for Read more