Business Plan Outline

Business plan outline

Business Name

Mission Statement: 

  1. The Business
    1. Description of the business:
  1. Business Entity:
    1. Sole Proprietorship vs. LLC, describe your credentials.
  1. Competition:
  1. Marketing
    1. Products and Services:

Customer Demand for Service:

           The projected demand for product is roughly $100 per initial consult.

  1. Market Description
    1. Ideal Client profiles:
    2. Market size:

Sole Nutrition plans to locate in AnyCity, USA.  Around this area are medical centers and physician offices.  Clientele may include neighboring physician referrals and word of mouth referrals.

  1. Advertising:

Website, in person meetings with providers, Brochures, Social Media, Preferred provider networks.

  1. Pricing Strategy:
    1. Consultations
      1. Initial Consult- $150
      2. Follow-up Consult- $75
  • Financial Management
    1. Break-even point:
  1. Method of Compensation:

Sole Nutrition plans to save the majority of profit during the first year.  After the first year, a brochure for advertising purposes may be considered.

  1. Taxes:

Accounting software

  1. Operations
    1. Day-to-day business:Hours of operation.
  1. Insurance
    1. Business
    2. Professional Liability
    3. Where to work:
      1. Rent or consult-percentage agreements:
      2. Home visits
  1. Necessary equipment:

Computer, Office Furniture, phones, cell, internet

  1. Conclusions

About the Author

Stephanie Figon, MS, RDN, LD

Founder of NutriScape.NET. As a dietitian since 1992, Steph Figon has had experiences in consulting, 15 years in clinical, and has operated a private practice nutrition counseling office for since 2011. The RDNutriScape Instagram