How the SLC23A1 Gene Affects Vitamin C Levels and Immunity
The SLC23A1 gene is one of the two transporters which aids in the absorption of vitamin C into the body. Polymorphisms in the gene are associated with an approximate 50% decline in the rate of vitamin C accumulation in cells and potentially increase the excretion of vitamin C.  Visit Nutrition Visit Nutrition Genome
How the APOE Gene Affects the Immune System
The International Journal of Medicine published a commentary in late April 2020 titled, “Does apolipoprotein E genotype predict COVID-19 severity?” The researchers argue that it is Visit Nutrition Genome
Genetics, Blood Pressure and COVID-19
‘High blood pressure is considered one of the significant pre-existing symptoms in regards to COVID-19 severity, along with cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, cancer, and
Centenarians, Glutathione Levels and COVID-19 Severity
‘We have heard a lot about COVID-19 severity, the increased severity trend starting over the age of 50, and the compounding risk with each decade. However, there have been reports of Visit Nutrition Genome