Guidelines For EVERYTHING!
Check Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition's extensive list of guidelines for all kinds of nutrition related Read on PEN
The Gut Brain Connection
Gut-brain connection from Kalish Institute. Dr. Kalish offers this from the perspective of a chiropractic Watch on YouTube
ASMBS Micronutrient Guidelines for Bariatric Surgery
The ASMBS guidelines on micronutrients tell dietitians the official recommendations on supplements for post bariatric surgery Read the Guidelines
Webinar: What Makes a SNP Awesome
Watch the replay for 3X4 Genetics's event on Crowdcast, from Thursday July 30, 2020. APOE gene, COMPT, MTHFR, TNF alpha & Link to Webinar
Adrenal Fatigue 
While adrenal fatigue is not well defined, it is important that we not dismiss it as Registered Dietitian Read on Food&
Is ADHD Genetic? Can it be Improved with DNA-Based Nutrition?
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has become a complex disorder to diagnose and treat, encompassing multiple subtypes and often combined with other health disorders like
The Best Exercises for Mental Health with Genetic Testing
Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to certain types of exercise? Do you need a thrill through risk-taking activities? Competitive sports or races? A solo trek on a trail or in the Visit Nutrition Genome