The Gut Brain Connection
Gut-brain connection from Kalish Institute. Dr. Kalish offers this from the perspective of a chiropractic Watch on YouTube
The Unbearable Whiteness and Fatphobia of “Anti-Diet” Dietitians
As unfair as it is to judge 90,000 dietitians-all diverse human beings based on a few wrong-headed social media posts, RD/RDNs need to hear this very angry writer. Read On Medium
Learn Integrated Physiology with Chubbyemu on YouTube
The Body In Real Life Is Complex and Integrated One of the most stressful transitions in dietetics is going from didactic classroom learning, where everything is laid out and Read more
Genetics, Blood Pressure and COVID-19
‘High blood pressure is considered one of the significant pre-existing symptoms in regards to COVID-19 severity, along with cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, cancer, and
Common painkillers double risk of heart attack, stroke, study says
Many reach for painkillers to get rid of headaches or reduce fever, but the common pills could raise your risk of heart disease or stroke, according to a new report. Source: Common Read more
Certain Social, Behavioral Factors Associated With Diabetes and Hypertension Onset
Select behavioral and social risk factors were correlated with early onset of hypertension and diabetes, a prospective cohort study found. Source: Certain Social, Behavioral Factors Read more
Concussion and Dementia: Do Statins Help?
Statins were tied to a lower rate of dementia among older adults who experienced a concussion, according to an observational study involving nearly 30,000 people. Source: Concussion and Read more
T2D Predicts Progression in NAFLD/NASH
Type 2 diabetes was found to be a strong independent predictor of life-threatening liver outcomes in patients diagnosed with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and its more advanced Read more
Exercise should be emphasized in patients with dyslipidemia
Given all of the recent guidelines on physical activity and CVD prevention, health care providers should focus on recommending exercise for patients with dyslipidemia to decrease their LDL, Read more