Intermittent Fasts Plus Energy Restriction Best for Weight Loss
Intermittent fasting with restricted energy intake may provide better outcomes than daily continuous diet restriction for health and weight loss in obese women, according to a study Read more
Nonnutritive Sweeteners in Weight Management and Chronic Disease: A Review
The objective of this review was to critically review findings from recent studies evaluating the effects of nonnutritive sweeteners (NNSs) on metabolism, weight, and obesity‐related chronic diseases. Biologic mechanisms that may explain NNS effects will also be addressed. Source:Nonnutritive Sweeteners in Weight Management and Chronic Disease: A Read more
Weight Management May Reverse T2D
Study participants achieved remission to non-diabetic state Source: Weight Management May Reverse Read more
Study: High-energy breakfast aids weight loss in diabetics
Obese people with type 2 diabetes can improve their conditions with a high-energy breakfast but a smaller lunch and dinner, according to research from Israel. Source: Study: High-energy Read more
Low maternal vitamin D & increased percent body fat in children
Women with low vitamin D at 15 weeks’ gestation were more likely to have children with a higher percentage body fat at age 5 years old. Read more about this interesting study in this Read more
NutriScape Wants Your Best Resource Links
As fantastic as Google is, it can’t filter out the fluff that we, as dietitians were not looking for. NutriScape has undertaken the massive task of linking one central site to all of Read more
Interleukin 32
Physician’s Briefing offers this summary of Read more
This series from Medscape traces the history of the microbiome and the explosion of new Read more
Biggest Losers Give Us a Lesson on Metabolic Adaptation
If we are reading this study right, it means that some of our estimates of calorie needs could be off by hundreds of calories for patients who have had a past history of Read more
Mifflin-St.Jeor Calorie Calculator
Calculator.Net offers this calorie calculator based on the Mifflin-St.Jeor energy prediction equation. Although this equation is the most appropriate and most accurate for healthy Read more