Feed Them-They’ll Leave Sooner
Studies have been showing this for years.  This one is a review meta-analysis showing shorter LOS without additional Read more
Clinical Nutrition Week
Clinical Nutrition Week is by far the most relevant continuing education for any dietitian working in a hospital clinical Visit ASPEN
HyperKalemia Insights
This site provides a great deal of detail surrounding hyperkalemia and Read more
Dyslipidemia CME/CE
This is a 1 hour forum offered by MyCME, but does not offer credit for registered Read more
Clinical Guidelines on Diabetes from Joslin
  Joslin Diabetes Center offers the following guidelines for diabetes populations.   Clinical Guidelines for Adults (rev.10/2014) Pharmacological Guidelines (Rev. 09/2014) Inpatient Management of Surgical Patients with Diabetes (Rev. 12/3/15) Guideline for Specialty Consultation/Referral (rev. 8/6/13) Guidelines for Diabetes in Pregnancy (Rev. 6/15/11) Guidelines for Management of uncontrolled Glucose in the Hospitalized Patient  (Rev. 5/20/2013) Clinical... Read more Read more
How Infection and Inflammation Relate to Anemia in Dialysis Patients
This excellent video discusses how infections and inflammatory  processes may contribute to reductions of RBC levels by both reducing erythropoietin production from the kidneys and promoting iron sequestration in the liver and Read more
New Insulins
 An update is available–Here’s the Read more