The Importance of Creating Habits and Routine
One of the greatest challenges to lifestyle medicine is patient adherence. Lifestyle diseases inherently require lifetime prevention and treatment. Therefore, adherence to lifestyle Read more
Start Here – Functional Nutrition Library
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Negotiation Techniques: The First Offer Dilemma in Negotiations
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How It Works | PulseConnect — PulseConnect
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In Chronic Disease, Patience with Patients Needed
Are you frustrated by chronic disease patients who won’t change their behavior? Maybe being more patient will help, according to Victor Montori, MD, professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minn. Source: In Chronic Disease, Patience with Patients Read more
Motivational Interviewing Application In Working With Patients And Families
This course defines motivational interviewing (MI); identifies the five primary concerns of motivational interviewing; and demonstrates how motivational interviewing can be used to help Read more
Reimbursement Newsletter Archive from the Academy
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Find Out What Medicare Will Pay For Your Services
Medicare pays dietitians 85% of what they would pay a physician offering the same service.  Here’s where you can look up what they pay in your state. Physician Fee Schedule Look-Up Tool – Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Like much of Medicare’s Online information, it can be overwhelming. The Academy has narrowed it down... Read more Read more
Insurance Billing for Nutrition Counseling–It Starts With Learning a Form
Many private practice dietitians find insurance billing to be an absolutely necessary evil if they are going to make a private practice viable.  The issue is that many or most clients  simply will not lay out cash and take on the paperwork themselves to get reimbursed by the insurance company.  The bottom line is that... Read more Read more