Why You Need a Business Checking Account for Your Nutrition Business
Why You Need a Business Bank Account Suppose that next year for no particular reason that the IRS picks your return for audit.  They may request your personal bank records. If those  {{{ A business bank account is crucial for keeping your business and personal expenses and income separate and getting your new business’s record keeping off to a good start.... Read more Read more
Tax Deductions for Your Nutrition Business
Don’t Miss These Tax Deductions Car and Truck Expenses The cost of operating the vehicle for business is deductible only if you have records to prove business usage. It is usually best to use the IRS standard mileage deduction rate of 53.5 cents per mile driven for business use. (2017 IRS standard mileage rates) Commuting miles are... Read more Read more
Business Plan Outline
Business plan outline Business Name Mission Statement:  The Business Description of the business: Business Entity: Sole Proprietorship vs. LLC, describe your credentials. Competition: Marketing Products and Services: Customer Demand for Service:            The projected demand for product is roughly $100 per initial consult. Market Description Ideal Client profiles: Market size: Sole Nutrition plans to locate... Read more Read more
U.S. Coverage for Adult Obesity Treatment Modalities
Relative to adults without obesity, adults with obesity (BMI ≥ 30 kg/m²) incur 42% higher medical costs¹ and are nearly twice as likely to die before age 70.² Intensive behavioral therapy, nutritional therapy, pharmacotherapy, and bariatric surgery are evidence-based strategies that support clinically-significant weight loss ( ≥ 5% reduction in body weight).³ Nonetheless, coverage for... Read more Read more
The GROW Model of Coaching and Mentoring: A Simple Process for Developing Your People
  Structure coaching and mentoring sessions in a simple but effective way, encouraging vision, planning and commitment. Source: The GROW Model of Coaching and Mentoring: A Simple Process for Developing Your Read more
Medicare Fee Schedule for RDNs – MNT and G-Codes
The data in this chart was compiled from the physician fee schedule information posted on the CMS website as of January 2019. CPT® codes and descriptions are copyright 2019 American Medical Association. CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association (AMA). This chart represents the RD payment amount for Medical Nutrition Therapy (85%... Read more Read more
Reimbursement Newsletter Archive from the Academy
As a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, you can access the archives for MNT Provider. Well worth the reading when you are trying to figure out how to get paid! MNT Read more
Find Out What Medicare Will Pay For Your Services
Medicare pays dietitians 85% of what they would pay a physician offering the same service.  Here’s where you can look up what they pay in your state. Physician Fee Schedule Look-Up Tool – Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Like much of Medicare’s Online information, it can be overwhelming. The Academy has narrowed it down... Read more Read more
Insurance Billing for Nutrition Counseling–It Starts With Learning a Form
Many private practice dietitians find insurance billing to be an absolutely necessary evil if they are going to make a private practice viable.  The issue is that many or most clients  simply will not lay out cash and take on the paperwork themselves to get reimbursed by the insurance company.  The bottom line is that... Read more Read more