Proliability Insurance
Get a liability insurance quote Read more
Always Available Menu Items
Dietitians in hospitals and healthcare foodservices struggle to provide alternatives for between meal service times.  Becky Dorner provides this Always Available Menu.  Thanks Read more
History of the Microbiome
This series from Medscape traces the history of the microbiome and the explosion of new Read more
Feed Them-They’ll Leave Sooner
Studies have been showing this for years.  This one is a review meta-analysis showing shorter LOS without additional Read more
Clinical Nutrition Week
Clinical Nutrition Week is by far the most relevant continuing education for any dietitian working in a hospital clinical Visit ASPEN
HyperKalemia Insights
This site provides a great deal of detail surrounding hyperkalemia and Read more
Depression in Diabetes
Treating Depression in Diabetes (2008) This presentation portrays the results of a study by Paul Ciechanowski, MD, MPH about the effects of depression on diabetes management, ways doctors can identify depression in their patients, and strategies to help the patient. Ch. 1 – “Recognizing the symptoms of depression” Ch. 2 – “The role of depression... Read more Read more
Motivational Interviewing
Introduction to Motivational Interviewing: Simple Strategies for Promoting Positive Behavior Change in Diabetes (2009) Dr. Polonsky presents effective strategies for working with patients Read more