Could a New Biomarker Help Predict Type 2 Diabetes?
A research team has identified a new blood biomarker that can detect early metabolic abnormalities — well before a person reaches prediabetes — and therefore might one day Read more
Introducing novel advanced practice roles into the health workforce: Dietitians leading in gastrostomy management
The number of advanced practice roles in the Australian health‐care system is growing alongside contemporary health‐care reforms. The present study aimed to evaluate the impact of introducing novel advanced practice dietitian roles in gastrostomy tube (g‐tube) management and develop a competency framework for progressing opportunities in dietetics practice and policy. Source:Introducing novel advanced practice roles... Read more Read more
Breastfeeding Greater Than 6 Months Is Associated with Smaller Maternal Waist Circumference Up to One Decade After Delivery
The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months is optimal for infant health.1 However, an equivalently optimal duration for mothers to experience health benefits from breastfeeding has yet to be determined. This may be due to conflicting evidence regarding the association between breastfeeding and maternal health outcomes in the years after pregnancy.2... Read more Read more
Could Vitamin C Reduce Infant Harm From Smoking in Pregnancy?
Daily supplements of vitamin C might mitigate some of the harm to fetal lung development from smoking during pregnancy, according to a study. Source: Could Vitamin C Reduce Infant Harm From Read more
Mediterranean diet and 3-year Alzheimer brain biomarker changes in middle-aged adults
Objective To examine in a 3-year brain imaging study the effects of higher vs lower adherence to a Mediterranean-style diet (MeDi) on Alzheimer disease (AD) biomarker changes (brain Read more
Food & Nutrition Journal (ISSN: 2575-7091)
Food & Nutrition Journal (FDNJ), High impact factor journals in Food & Nutrition, all the articles are peer reviewed by eminent people in the field, Indexed journals in Food & Read more
Spider Milk Is Real and Their Babies Love It, New Study Shows
Jumping spider mothers provide milk to their spiderlings far into development, according to a new study that might turn your understanding of invertebrate parenting on its head. Source: Read more
Effect of psyllium (Plantago ovata) fiber on LDL cholesterol and alternative lipid targets, non-HDL cholesterol and apolipoprotein B
The aims of this study were to update evidence on the effect of psyllium on LDL cholesterol and to provide an assessment of its impact on alternate markers: non-HDL cholesterol and Read more
Economic Costs of Diabetes in the U.S. in 2017.
This study updates previous estimates of the economic burden of diagnosed diabetes and quantifies the increased health resource use and lost productivity associated with diabetes in 2017. Read more
Nasal Mist Vaccine Suppresses Peanut Allergy in Mice | Food Allergy Research & Education
A vaccine delivered as an ultrafine nasal spray was found to limit or prevent peanut allergy symptoms in mice that had been sensitized to peanut, according to a study published today in the Read more