2017 Virtual Symposium (Expired): Closing the Gap Created by Clinical Inertia: New Strategies for T2DM Treatment
The prevalence of T2DM in the United States is 29.1 million and it is the seventh leading cause of death and a major cause of morbidity, including microvascular, macrovascular, Read more
American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Medical Guidelines for Clinical Practice are systematically devel- oped statements to assist health care professionals in medical Read more
Genomics Rising, Charlatans Circling
Since Crick and Watson figured out the structure of DNA in 1953, there has been a constant effort to make genomics meaningful to medicine in a broad scale way. Here we are, a mere 65 years Read more
65th Advanced Postgraduate Course – Webcasts
65th advanced postgraduate courses Source:65th Advanced Postgraduate Course – Read more
HbA1c, wound healing unrelated in diabetic foot ulcers
Among patients with long-term diabetic foot ulcers, neither baseline HbA1c nor change in HbA1c was associated with wound healing time, according to findings from a clinic-based Read more
IBD, Parkinson’s link suggests anti-TNF may be protective
  Patients with inflammatory bowel disease showed a significantly higher risk for developing Parkinson’s disease, but early treatment with anti-tumor necrosis factor therapy appeared Read more
Nutrition Supplements & Lean Body Mass | Abbott Nutrition Health Institute
In this video, Dr Hegazi describes the prevalence of hospital malnutrition that negatively impacts patient outcomes and lean body mass, and presents interventions to mitigate the loss of Read more
Rouxbe | A Food-First Approach to Healthcare
Culinary Rx is a prescribable 60-day online cooking & nutrition course taught by leading chef educators and medical professionals to empower your patients. Source: Rouxbe | A Food-First Read more
Scientists create a biomedical tattoo to monitor for a sign of cancer
A biomedical tattoo that changes color when calcium in the blood is too high could one day be used to monitor for the earliest signs of cancer, scientists report in a new study. Source: Read more