Magnesium basics
As a cofactor in numerous enzymatic reactions, magnesium fulfils various intracellular physiological functions. Thus, imbalance in magnesium status—primarily hypomagnesaemia as it is seen Read more
Sage Nutrition Network
Sage Nutrition Network The Sage Nutrition Network is a group of credentialed nutrition influencers, primarily registered dietitians, who are subject matter experts. Each member has been Read more
A gut feeling for mental health
The first population-level study on the link between gut bacteria and mental health identifies specific gut bacteria linked to depression and provides evidence that a wide range of gut Read more
VIDEO: Dietary choices empower patients to control BP levels
In this Cardiology Today video perspective, John P. Higgins, MD, MPhil, MBA, FACC, FACP, FAHA, discusses the benefits of the low-sodium DASH diet in light of preliminary results presented Read more
Treadmill and Cycling Desks More Beneficial Than Standing Desks
How do three types of active workstations compare in a range of parameters, including biomechanical, physiological, and psychobiological outcomes? Source:Treadmill and Cycling Desks More Read more
Aerobic Exercise Tied to Better Cognition at All Ages
Aerobic exercise contributes to brain health in individuals as young as 20 years, according to a study published online Jan. 30 in Neurology. Source: Aerobic Exercise Tied to Better Read more
Activity Tied to Cognition, Despite Brain Pathologies
Higher levels of physical activity and motor abilities were independently associated with better cognition in older adults, even when brain lesions or biomarkers linked to dementia were Read more
Vitamin D reduces COPD exacerbations
Oral vitamin D supplementation “safely and substantially” lowered the moderate/severe COPD exacerbation rates in patients with baseline 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels of less than 25 Read more
First-month response to pediatric weight management predicts long-term BMI
Children and adolescents enrolled in weight-management programs who respond quickly are more likely to achieve greater long-term reductions in BMI compared with those without an early Read more
Gelesis100 shows promise for weight loss in adults with obesity
Consistent administration of Gelesis100, a nonsystemic, superabsorbent hydrogel in oral capsule form, can double the odds for meaningful weight loss in adults with overweight or obesity Read more