Statins Reduce Infection Risk for People With Diabetes
 MedPage explains the study results: Instead of having 5 times more infections than the non-diabetic population, this study showed that people with diabetes taking statins had 23% fewer infections.  Pretty impressive Read more
History of the Microbiome
This series from Medscape traces the history of the microbiome and the explosion of new Read more
Update on Insulin
Webinar from the Endocrine Read more
Diabetes Standards of Care
Access the 2016 Standards of Medical Care in Read more
Depression in Diabetes
Treating Depression in Diabetes (2008) This presentation portrays the results of a study by Paul Ciechanowski, MD, MPH about the effects of depression on diabetes management, ways doctors can identify depression in their patients, and strategies to help the patient. Ch. 1 – “Recognizing the symptoms of depression” Ch. 2 – “The role of depression… Read more Read more
Diabetes CE From Present Diabetes
These lectures can be taken for CDR credit. Diabetes & Glucose Management; BGM and Meal Planning $15.00 Diabetes & Glucose Management; Insulin Therapy $15.00 Diabetes & Glucose Management; Insulin Therapy $15.00 Diabetes & Glucose Management; Insulin Therapy $15.00 Diabetes & Glucose Management; Physical Activity $15.00 Diabetes & Glucose Management; Physical Activity $15.00 Diabetes and Cancer – What’s the Read more
Tresiba (degludec) Insulin
 Tresiba is a new insulin with a 42 hour duration of action and 25 hour half-life.  It is dosed once daily. Novo Nordisk provides these videos showing how Tresiba Read more
 Novo Nordisk provides this video regarding Victoza Read more
Clinical Guidelines on Diabetes from Joslin
  Joslin Diabetes Center offers the following guidelines for diabetes populations.   Clinical Guidelines for Adults (rev.10/2014) Pharmacological Guidelines (Rev. 09/2014) Inpatient Management of Surgical Patients with Diabetes (Rev. 12/3/15) Guideline for Specialty Consultation/Referral (rev. 8/6/13) Guidelines for Diabetes in Pregnancy (Rev. 6/15/11) Guidelines for Management of uncontrolled Glucose in the Hospitalized Patient  (Rev. 5/20/2013) Clinical… Read more Read more
Videos on Very Basic Concepts in Diabetes
    This series of short videos offered by Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University may serve as a very basic introduction to the key concepts in diabetes. Videos include: What is Diabetes? An introduction to diabetes and its causes. 5 minutes. The Ups & Downs of Blood Sugar.  What causes blood sugar to go up… Read more Read more
MySugr Diabetes App
The MySugr App is designed for diabetes tracking where the object is to tame the diabetes monster for the day.  It gives you a place to enter your blood sugar, insulin, and take a photo of your meal.  Some neat features you might Read more
American Association of Diabetes Educators
The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) is organized to support diabetes education through offering accreditation, continuing education, and resources for Read more
Webinars From DCE
Continuing Education and much more is available from DCE. Read more
Diabetes Risk Test
The American Diabetes Association offers the Online Diabetes Risk Test which can give you an idea where you are on the spectrum for diabetes risk.  A PDF version is also available.  With the shocking news that half the adult population of the US meeting criteria for a diagnosis of diabetes or pre-diabetes, it pays to take a… Read more Read more
New Insulins
 An update is available–Here’s the Read more
Blood-Pressure Drug Could Be A Possible Type 1 Diabetes Cure?
Verapamil is being studied in humans.  It seems to be effective in mice.  Here’s the Read more
eAG/A1C Conversion Calculator
Here’s an easy online calculator for converting A1c to eAG. Read more
Do Elevated Lipid Levels Protect Against Diabetes? Gene Study Sheds Light
Interesting: “all three major lipids—LDL-C, HDL-C, and triglycerides (TGs)—are associated with a lower risk of diabetes, even as elevated LDL-C and TG predict increased risk of coronary artery disease. When you click on this article link, you may be redirected to a MedScape Login page, but once signed in, you will see Read more
A Patient Centered Approach to Type 2
  Reach MD offers this 15 minute webinar regarding a patient centered approach to Type Read more
Psych for Parents of Type 1s
DiabetesParents.org offers a very well done questionnaire for parents about the distresses that come with parenting a Type 1.  It scores the results and offers suggestions based on the Read more
SGLT-2 Webinar on Demand
Here’s the Link to the Webinar. Description: SGLT-2 Inhibitors in the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes: Methodology and Monitoring Impact Speakers   Richard Beaser, MD Associate Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical School     Nuha El Sayed, MD Director-International Training Programs Joslin Diabetes Center PROGRAM INFO Topics Of Interest • The role of the kidney… Read more Read more
Some Diabetes Rx are Better for NASH/NAFLD
“Several of the current medications for diabetes may be beneficial for treatment of fatty liver. These include pioglitazone and exenatide,” according to this article in Read more
New in Type 2
In an article in Diabetes Care, we have a report on a new method for controlling type 2. “The gastrointestinal tract plays a major role in the physiologic regulation of glucose metabolism, so it is plausible that gastrointestinal changes in response to years of exposure to certain foods might contribute to the development of metabolic… Read more Read more