GI Conditions

Medical Nutrition Intervention For Common GI Disorders
Everyone is familiar with the quote “you are what you eat.” When it comes to the digestive tract and digestive issues, this quote cannot be overstated. When a digestive disorder Read more
IBS Therapy Should Target Multiple Factors
Multi-focal therapy may be a better way to resolve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), according to a study reporting that visceral hypersensitivity, abnormal colonic transit, Read more
Microbiota May Help Discriminate Diverse NAFLD Phenotypes
The goal of the study was to explore the association between fecal and blood microbiota profiles, and the presence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in obese versus lean Read more
Microbiota May Help Single Out ‘Lean’ NAFLD
Both fecal and blood microbiota profiles showed different patterns between participants with obese-type versus lean-type nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), and these may serve as Read more
High-fat diet linked to unfavorable gut microbiota changes
Eating a diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates can lead to changes in the gut at the microbiome level that could lead to the development of metabolic disorders, according to study Read more
A gut feeling for mental health
The first population-level study on the link between gut bacteria and mental health identifies specific gut bacteria linked to depression and provides evidence that a wide range of gut Read more
Short-Term, Anaerobic FMT May Be Effective in UC
More remissions at 8 weeks compared with autologous fecal microbiota transplants, exploratory study finds Source: Short-Term, Anaerobic FMT May Be Effective in Read more
Interplay between food and gut microbiota in health and disease
Numerous microorganisms colonize the human gastrointestinal tract playing pivotal roles in relation to digestion and absorption of dietary components. Source: Interplay between food and gut Read more
Oat safety for celiac disease patients: theoretical analysis correlates adverse symptoms in clinical studies to contaminated study oats
Inclusion of oats in a gluten-free (GF) diet can provide whole grain nutritional benefits to celiac disease (CD) patients, but there has been debate regarding oat safety for these Read more