Renal Disorders

Apigenin, CD38, NAD+, and Mitochondrial Oxidative Stress: The Story of the Zucker Diabetic Fatty Rat Kidney
Learning complex information is hard. When we put things in story form, it’s much easier to learn and remember. NAD+ precursers are at the heart of interventions for fighting Read more
Exercise Boosts Function in Older CKD Patients
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients with comorbidities gained some benefits from exercise training, researchers reported here. Source: Exercise Boosts Function in Older CKD Read more
Linagliptin Does Not Increase Adverse Renal Events in Patients With T2D, Kidney Disease
Treatment with linagliptin in patients with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular and/or kidney disease had no impact on risk for cardiovascular or kidney events. Source: Linagliptin Does Not Read more
Best dietary practices for patients with CKD
A plant-based diet is an important factor in slowing the progression of chronic kidney disease and improving symptoms, according to a presentation at the ACP Internal Medicine Meeting. Source: Best dietary practices for patients with Read more
NutriScape Wants Your Best Resource Links
As fantastic as Google is, it can’t filter out the fluff that we, as dietitians were not looking for. NutriScape has undertaken the massive task of linking one central site to all of the most useful nutrition related resources the internet has to offer. seeks to provide the professional content you are looking for…. Read more Read more
HyperKalemia Insights
This site provides a great deal of detail surrounding hyperkalemia and Read more
Amgen Video
This video covers the feedback loop that governs the normal production of RBCs and how this feedback loop is disrupted through defective erythropoietin production in patients with Read more
How Infection and Inflammation Relate to Anemia in Dialysis Patients
This excellent video discusses how infections and inflammatory  processes may contribute to reductions of RBC levels by both reducing erythropoietin production from the kidneys and promoting iron sequestration in the liver and Read more
Renal Meal Planning Calculator
 Here is Joan Murray’s online Renal Meal Planning Read more
eGFR- What it REALLY means
Medscape Nephrologist offers this video Read more
CKD Guidelines from AND
Chronic kidney disease guidelines from the Read more
Kidney School
This site provides excellent resources for understanding kidney disease for patients and Read more
KidneyAPPetite Tracks Your Kidney Diet
KidneyAPPetite™ is a FREE App for iPhone™ and iPod touch™ that tracks protein, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and fluid.  It can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store™. How it works The app uses data from the USDA National Nutrient Database. It allows patients to customize daily guidelines to match their personal nutrient prescription. As data is entered… Read more Read more