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Basic Education for Type 2 – Module 1

Johnson and Johnson Diabetes Institute put together an absolutely excellent educational module explaining many of the complexities of Type 2 Diabetes.  The module includes:

  • The ominous octet — explanation of the multifaceted pathophysiological processes that lead to type 2 diabetes
  • The natural progression of the condition
  • Relevant acute and chronic complications
  • The worldwide burden of type 2 diabetes
  • Landmark clinical trials for diabetes
  • Tips and strategies to help people with diabetes meet their goals

Here’s the Link to their content:

[sociallocker]JJDI Module 1 [/sociallocker]

New in Type 2

New in Type 2

stomach-1051854_640In an article in Diabetes Care, we have a report on a new method for controlling type 2.

“The gastrointestinal tract plays a major role in the physiologic regulation of glucose metabolism, so it is plausible that gastrointestinal changes in response to years of exposure to certain foods might contribute to the development of metabolic diseases, especially type 2 diabetes. There is now a solid biological rationale to consider the gastrointestinal tract as an ideal target for anti-diabetes interventions.  In fact, recently recognized new guidelines from international diabetes organizations recommend the use of gastrointestinal surgery as a standard treatment option in certain patients with type 2 diabetes.  However, because surgery is not suitable as mass treatment for the hundreds of millions of patients suffering from diabetes, less invasive approaches that harness the mechanisms of major surgery and reproduce some of its beneficial effects could provide a real opportunity for improvement of diabetes care. The early results with Revita DMR are quite encouraging in this regard,” said Dr. Francesco Rubino of London’s King’s College Hospital.