Offer TeleNutrition Consultations through NutriScape.NET

Telehealth allows you to connect from anywhere over a secure internet site with clients from the convenience of their home. Medical nutrition therapy is regulated on the state level.  You will offer your services as an independent contractor licensed and operating under the laws of your state. The clients you are connected with will certify that they reside in your state or in a state that does not regulate nutrition practice.

You will provide NutriScape.NET with a professional photo, biography and list of counseling topics in which you specialize.   A professional web page will be set up for you on the TeleNutrition subdomain of NutriScape.NET website with a link to the secure web portal where you will meet with patients.

NutriScape.NET takes care of setting up your portal and automatic payment systems.  The web portal enables clients’ credit card payments. You enter the session fee on your end of the web portal, they pay securely on their side of the portal.  Find out more on our TeleNutrition Site.



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