Malnourished HF Patients Face Significant Mortality Risk
It may be important to consider the potential prognostic value of malnutrition in heart failure, researchers suggested. Source: Malnourished HF Patients Face Significant Mortality Read more
Refeeding Syndrome
Refeeding syndrome can cause dangerous electrolyte shifts in patients suffering malnutrition-Here’s a short video. Source:Refeeding Syndrome Refeeding syndrome¬†is a¬†syndrome Read more
NutriScape Wants Your Best Resource Links
As fantastic as Google is, it can’t filter out the fluff that we, as dietitians were not looking for. NutriScape has undertaken the massive task of linking one central site to all of Read more
Clinical Nutrition Week
Clinical Nutrition Week is by far the most relevant continuing education for any dietitian working in a hospital clinical Read more
Malnutrition Concensus Statement
  JPEN article: AND/ASPEN Concensus Statement-Characteristics for the Identification and Documentation of Adult Malnutrition (Undernutrition) Read more

Nutrient Deficiencies