The NutriScape Project–Supporter’s Page

About The NutriScape Project

What Is The NutriScape Project?

The NutriScape Project is a crowdsourced dietetic community built to support dietitians in every niche of the profession.  Our mission is to educate consumers while promoting the value of dietetic services. 

At the same time, The NutriScape Project is providing independent dietitians with an opportunity to promote their products and services in a high-traffic, peer-reviewed, and easily searchable web environment that dietitians everywhere will trust as a resource for their clients and for their own professional development.

Why Support The NutriScape Project?

The NutriScape Project’s mission is to become a centralized and absolutely comprehensive resource within the dietetic profession. Your financial contributions will allow The NutriScape Project to finance the staff assistance needed to smoothly operate the multiple processes that need to take place to accomplish our mission.

How Will Contributions Be Used?

100% of the net contributions received will be used to pay off The NutriScape Project’s debts, support website expenses and to pay for the services of virtual assistants who take care of practical tasks related to the nutrition content acceptance process, posting of RDN opportunities on social media and through e-mail.

Support the Future of Dietetics

Today, even with over 25 years of growth and development on the internet, dietitians have had no centralized web presence where RDNs can join our individual efforts together to achieve effective recognition of the value of dietetic services.  Your support for The NutriScape Project will help us facilitate individual client connections and create a better future for dietitians everywhere.

Donations Accepted

Donate With Paypal

Scan the QR Code with your smartphone camera to be taken to PayPal, where you can directly donate to The Nutriscape Project.