Students & Interns

Welcome to NutriScape.NET–A comprehensive nutrition site based on a crowdsourcing concept. We welcome dietetic students and interns to participate fully in the NutriScape project. You have so much talent and energy to offer our readers and we hope to provide opportunities for getting your work published where it can make a difference.

Write Articles

College involves endless papers and projects. Tell your professors about NutriScape and ask them if there would be any opportunity to earn credit for your published work.

Basic Vitamins & Minerals

There are a tremendous number of resources that can be drawn from when writing about basic nutrients. As long as you are being respectful of other authors’ copyrights, inspiration is everywhere. A great place to start is with NIH and government sources for materials because government produced materials do not have any copyright. In a sense, your tax dollars have already purchased the right to use them as you will.

Specific Lab Values in Various Health Conditions

Many articles on specific lab values come to mind immediately. What are the accepted published guidelines for blood glucose in diabetes? What does A1c measure? What is creatinine? Interpretation of celiac test results.

Evidence for Specific Nutrient Supplements

What nutrient supplement is right for MTHFR and how do you know if you have it? What is the accuracy of vitamin/mineral testing to inform what supplements you take? Why do alcohol consumers need more thiamine?

Cooking or Food Science Principles

NutriScape’s Food site is a great place to publish articles on the many aspects of healthy cooking.

Write Lead Magnets

Nutrition and food topics are literally endless. Because our mission at NutriScape is to support independent dietitian businesses, one of our most important goals at NutriScape.NET is to bring clients to our online dietitians and the products they offer.

A key step in that marketing process is simply to capture a user’s e-mail so that we can continue to engage with them. Offering a short, action oriented pdf download on a topic relevant to readers is a very effective way to capture their information so that we can offer them more.

Offer Recipes

There are a thousand recipe sites on the internet. Ours is designed to offer ONLY healthy foods searchable by diet, allergies, meal, course, and main ingredient. Once it is filled with recipes, this will be the go-to menu writing tool dietitian’s and a place where every RDN can safely send clients, rather than resorting to Pinterest.

Write Product Evaluations

You can help support the NutriScape.NET project financially by writing articles about healthy products offered by our affiliate advertisers. You don’t see any ads on NutriScape because ads would clearly take away from the professional feel of the site. Yet, the site still needs to generate revenue to support web development expenses. Explore the document to find hundreds of products that you might write about.

Offer Downloads for Sale

You earn 50% of the revenue for any downloadable products accepted for publication.

Offer Cooking or Foodservice Courses

You earn 50% of the revenue for any online courses accepted for publication. Students are welcome to submit cooking courses or foodservice related courses.

One day, we hope to have an library of online courses that can meet the employee training needs for healthcare foodservice managers-sanitation, puree textures, portion size, meal service principles for every client population.

Contribute to NutriScape
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Learn Integrated Physiology
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