Sports Nutrition & Physical Activity

Performance Nutrition: Making Good Athletes Great!
Sports nutrition has become increasingly popular amongst athletes over the past decade. No matter your area of practice, you are likely to encounter clients who have questions about sports-specific nutrition. This webinar will address sports nutrition protocols for macronutrients, timing, injury prevention, and recovery. Source: Webinar by Mindy Black MS, RDN, CSSD. Sponsored by Read more
The influence of 15-week exercise training on dietary patterns among young adults
Little is currently known about how exercise may influence dietary patterns and/or food preferences. The present study aimed to examine the effect of a 15-week exercise training program on Read more
Treadmill and Cycling Desks More Beneficial Than Standing Desks
How do three types of active workstations compare in a range of parameters, including biomechanical, physiological, and psychobiological outcomes? Source:Treadmill and Cycling Desks More Read more
Activity Tied to Cognition, Despite Brain Pathologies
Higher levels of physical activity and motor abilities were independently associated with better cognition in older adults, even when brain lesions or biomarkers linked to dementia were Read more