Offer TeleNutrition Consultations through NutriScape.NET
Telehealth allows you to connect from anywhere over a secure internet site with clients from the convenience of their home. Medical nutrition therapy is regulated on the state level.  You Read more
If You Type “Dietitian” Into Youtube, Here’s What Comes Up: A Cautionary Tale
The top 5 videos all have 1 Dietitian. The third video down was this one: A video EVERY dietitian should watch before posting on social Read more
Contribute to NutriScape
Dietetic Students and Interns are Encouraged to submit content to The NutriScape Read more
Labs Without a Medical Visit
As registered dietitians, we know exactly what nutrition related labs our clients need and how to interpret nutritional implications for each client.  But, to get tested at a lab in the US, a licensed practitioner is required to write a prescription for the individual getting tested.   It’s frustrating to our clients that, as dietitians, we... Read more Read more