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Common painkillers double risk of heart attack, stroke, study says
Many reach for painkillers to get rid of headaches or reduce fever, but the common pills could raise your risk of heart disease or stroke, according to a new report. Source: Common Read more
Vitamins K1 and K2: The Emerging Group of Vitamins Required for Human Health
To review the evidence for the use of vitamin K supplementation in clinical conditions such as osteoporosis, vascular calcification, arthritis, cancer, renal calculi, diabetes, and warfarin Read more
Academy Telehealth Resources
Telehealth is an emerging area of practice for many health care professionals. Regulations, policies, and standards are in flux until a “gold standard” becomes consensus; but that has Read more
How to Come Up with Your Profitable Course Idea
Get our free Profitable Course Idea Workbook and come up with a money making course topic. Source: How to Come Up with Your Profitable Course Idea (Free Read more
Certain Social, Behavioral Factors Associated With Diabetes and Hypertension Onset
Select behavioral and social risk factors were correlated with early onset of hypertension and diabetes, a prospective cohort study found. Source: Certain Social, Behavioral Factors Read more
Concussion and Dementia: Do Statins Help?
Statins were tied to a lower rate of dementia among older adults who experienced a concussion, according to an observational study involving nearly 30,000 people. Source: Concussion and Read more
Mediterranean diet may protect against late-life depression
Data presented here suggest that adhering to a Mediterranean diet may protect against the development of depressive symptoms in older age. Source: Mediterranean diet may protect against Read more