Medicare Fee Schedule for RDNs – MNT and G-Codes
The data in this chart was compiled from the physician fee schedule information posted on the CMS website as of January 2019. CPT® codes and descriptions are copyright 2019 American Read more
Patient and Clinician Experiences With Telehealth for Patient Follow-up Care
Telemedicine visits may be used with established patients for follow-up care without a loss of patient satisfaction with communication with providers and with enhanced convenience and Read more
The Importance of Creating Habits and Routine
One of the greatest challenges to lifestyle medicine is patient adherence. Lifestyle diseases inherently require lifetime prevention and treatment. Therefore, adherence to lifestyle Read more
The Public Health Impact of Parent-Reported Childhood Food Allergies in the United States
Childhood food allergy (FA) is a life-threatening chronic condition that substantially impairs quality of life. This large, population-based survey estimates childhood FA prevalence and Read more
The association between neonatal vitamin D status and risk of schizophrenia
Clues from the epidemiology of schizophrenia, such as the increased risk in those born in winter/spring, have led to the hypothesis that prenatal vitamin D deficiency may increase the risk Read more
Start Here – Functional Nutrition Library
End the overwhelm and feel confident seeing clients with access to The Functional Nutrition Library. Source: Start Here – Functional Nutrition Read more
IBS Benefit with Hypnotherapy Extends to Non-Refractory Patients
Group hypno-sessions as effective as individual treatment and educational/supportive therapy in primary and secondary care settings. Source: IBS Benefit with Hypnotherapy Extends to Read more
Negotiation Techniques: The First Offer Dilemma in Negotiations
Negotiation techniques such as making the first offer is a debate among negotiation researchers. Keep reading to learn more. Source: Negotiation Techniques: The First Offer Dilemma in Read more
Intake of Raw Fruits and Vegetables Is Associated With Better Mental Health Than Intake of Processed Fruits and Vegetables
Higher intakes of fruits and vegetables, rich in micronutrients, have been associated with better mental health. However, cooking or processing may reduce the availability of these Read more
How It Works | PulseConnect — PulseConnect
Connect with healthy brands. Looking for educational materials, product samples & coupons to share with the people you counsel, coach & advise? Look below to see how it works. Join Read more